Contestants -

  • Ashley Molina
  • Ava Capra
  • Courtney DuPerow
  • Delanie Dischert
  • Hadassah Richardson
  • Lacey Rogers
  • Mame Adjei
  • Bello Sanchez
  • Devin Clark
  • Dustin McNeer
  • Justin Kim
  • Mikey Heverly
  • Nyle DiMarco
  • Stefano Churchill
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
1 Hadassah Devin Lacey Nyle Mame Lacey Courtney Justin Bello Lacey Lacey
2 Nyle Justin Mame Ashley Dustin Hadassah Bello Dustin Lacey Courtney Courtney
3 Ava Mame Hadassah Lacey Justin Mame Nyle Courtney Courtney Mame Justin
4 Bello Delanie Justin Bello Hadassah Courtney Lacey Mame Nyle Bello Mame
5 Lacey Lacey Devin Delanie Bello Ashley Justin Hadassah Justin Nyle Bello
6 Justin Mikey Ashley Dustin Courtney Bello Ashley Nyle Mame Justin Nyle
7 Ashley Courtney Dustin Mame Lacey Justin Mame Lacey Hadassah Hadassah
8 Dustin Bello Nyle Hadassah Nyle Nyle Dustin Bello Dustin
9 Delanie Nyle Delanie Devin Ashley Devin Hadassah Ashley
10 Mikey Hadassah Courtney Justin Devin Dustin Devin
11 Mame Stefano Mikey Courtney Delanie
12 Stefano Ashley Bello Mikey
13 Courtney Dustin Stefano
14 Devin Ava

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